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  • Grove-GMK5150L


  Year new
  Model GMK5150L
  Manufacturer Grove
  Lifting Capacity 175 UST
  Main Boom 197'
BOOM: 42.0 to 196.9 ft. (12.8m to 60.0m) 6-section hydraulic pinned main boom. Six sheave boom nose. BOOM ELEVATION: One hydraulic single acting cylinder (-1.5° to 83°) with integral holding valve.RATED CAPACITY LIMITER ("RCL"): CCS rated capacity indicator with graphic display for actual and admissible load, radius, telescoping and other working conditions. Including readout of loadcharts.OPERATORS CAB: Full vision aluminium cab, hydraulically tiltable to 20°, mounted on the left side of the turntable, safety glass throughout, hinged front window with wiper, sliding door with window, sunvisor and window shade, dormer window pane with wiper, engine independent air heater, fan and defroster nozzles, adjustable deluxe seat, headrest and armrest mounted dual axis crane control joysticks, full instrumentation panel with CCS crane engine controls. Two spotlights.SWING: 360° continuous rotation, 2 slewing gears with axial piston motors, planetary reduction gear, service and holding brake. Infinitely variable speed 0-1.5 rpm. COUNTERWEIGHT: 98,100 lbs. (44,5 tonnes) total, consisting of 12 sections weighing approx.: 5,000 lbs (2,3 tonnes) (base plate),,200 lbs. (1 ton) compensation weight, 4 x 5,000 lb. (2,3 tonnes), 4 x 10,100 lbs. (4,6) tonnes and 2 x 15,000 lbs. (6,8 tonnes) ,200 lbs. (1 ton) compensation weight, 4 x 5,000 lb. (2,3 tonnes), 4 x 10,100 lbs. (4,6) tonnes and 2 x 15,000 lbs. (6,8 tonnes) HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Two separate circuits, one axial piston variable displacement pump with electronic power limiting control and one axial piston variable displacement pump for slewing. Oil cooler and service pressure points. Tank capacity 198 gallons MAIN HOIST: Axial piston motor with planetary reduction gear and automatic multiple disc brake. Drum rotation indicator. Camera system for hoist. WIRE ROPE: 836.6 ft. (255m) of 19mm diameter for main hoist with swaged end rope socket.ENGINE: Mercedes Benz OM471, 390 kW turbo charged diesel engine with heavy duty air cleaner and safety cartridge. Electronic engine control TRANSMISSION: Mercedes G280 with 16 speed forward plus 1 reverse. 2 speed transfer case. SUSPENSION: Megatrak™ (all wheel independent hydropneumatic suspension), hydraulic lockout and automatic levelling system. BRAKES: Dual line pneumatic disc brakes on all wheels, conforming to EC regulations.
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