All Terrain Cranes - Grove

Grove ATs combine  fast highway speeds with excellent off-road performance and very powerful lifting capabilities. All wheel multiple mode steering provides unrivaled job site mobility and the exclusive MEGATRAKā„¢ suspension system, standard on GMK models, enhances driveability and traction both on and off-road. For more information on the full line of New Grove All Terrain Cranes please Contact a Western Pacific Salesperson today!


  Lifting CapacityYearManufacturerModelMain Boom
Grove GMK3055 35 USt NEW Grove GMK2035E 45 ft
Grove GMK6300L 350 New Grove GMK6300L 263
GROVE GMK6400 450 NEW Grove GMK6400 197
Grove GMK7550 550 NEW Grove GMK7550 197
GMK5250L 300 NEW Grove GMK5250L 229.7
GMK5200-1 240 USt NEW Grove GMK5200-1 210 FT
GMK 5180-1 210 USt NEW Grove GMK 5180-1 210 FT
GMK5150L 175 UST new Grove GMK5150L 197'
Grove GMK4115 115 NEW Grove GMK4115 171
Grove GMK4115L 115 NEW Grove GMK4115L 197
Grove GMK5115 115 NEW Grove GMK5115 197
Grove GMK5135 135 NEW Grove GMK5135 166

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